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Grundlagen künstlerisch-wissenschaftlicher Forschung (Researching the Self) 
Wintersemester 2020
BA Kulturwissenschaften
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
The practice of research conventionally entails an aspiration towards objectivity as a detached and impersonal approach to the object of study. In contrast, some artistic research practices and methods from social sciences -such as autoethnography- use the narration of personal experience as a departing point to rethink and comment on cultural accounts. Challenging the conventional opposition between subjectivity and objectivity, autoethnographers regard self-observation as a powerful source of information and inspiration for their work.

This course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to self-ethnographic methods used in artistic research practices. On the theoretical part we will study Donna Haraway’s proposal for a situated form of knowledge production. From the practical side we will focus on Gloria Anzaldúa's Autohistoria-teoría – the genre of writing based on storytelling, life-story, self-reflection, history, myth and theory.
This is an introductory level course. Therefore, no previous knowledge other than a working command of English is required.
The main goal is to introduce the students with relevant literature from Feminist Standpoint Theory and US Third World Feminism as well as to present and discuss contemporary artistic practices in this regard. The students will learn and practice various qualitative research methods applied in the conceptualization of an artistic research project.
Englisch (primär), Deutsch

Throughout the semester students will be asked to read and discuss texts, collect visual materials, develop the practice of writing, experiment with various qualitative methods, as well as put the newly learnt methods into practice by working on personal projects.
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Angaben zur Prüfung
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Requirements for evaluation consider regular attendance to the course, active participation and the presentation of a final project.
immanenter Prüfungscharakter
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