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Games Workshop I 
künstl.-wissenschaftl. Labor
Wintersemester 2021
Interface Cultures
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Games Workshop I aims at both conveying an introduction to game studies as
well as applied game design, thus combining theory and practice:
students are expected to challenge basic game study notions, including rules, the magic circle, game versus play, or Ludus and Paidia, with the development of experimental games.
As a large variety of created game projects is hoped-for, game development
is not restricted to particular genres or media: results may range from board or
card games to digital games, from zero- to multi-player games, or from casual
to time-consuming games.
Concerning the theory of games, essential ideas concerning game studies, game cultures, and game design, are presented and discussed, particular weight is given to value transfer as well as current game directions that stretch to the outside of the game virtuality.
Over the course of Games Workshop I, well-known games are examined for underlying design principles, stellar examples of game art are introduced and debated to support inspiration.

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